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  • 基准单价:
    营利性:¥2600(Adults)/Unit  ¥1600(Embryos)/Unit  ¥6000(Frozen sperm)/Unit  
    非营利性:¥1300(Adults)/Unit  ¥800(Embryos)/Unit  ¥3000(Frozen sperm)/Unit  
  • 友情提示:为保证传代质量,野生型种鱼不支持少量订购,10对起订
  • 特别提醒:“Availability”(品系提供方式)为“Frozen Sperm”的品系仅提供由冻存精子复苏的胚胎,不支持Adult/Embryos购买,下单时请务必选择Frozen Sperm,以免订单无效,耽误您的时间。
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CZRC Catalog ID: CZ86
Availability: Frozen sperm
Genotype: kca66Tg/+
Genotyping: pdf
Genomic Feature Zygosity Parental Genotype Lab of Origin Construct
kca66Tg heterozygous Reugels / Campos-Ortega Lab Tg(h2afva:h2afva-GFP)
 The nuclear localisation of the fusion protein correlates with the start of zygotic transcription, in that it is present in the unfertilised egg and in the cytoplasm of cells after the first cleavages, being found in some nuclei after the seventh or eighth cleavage, whereas all nuclei from the 1,000-cell stage on, i.e. after midblastula transition, contain protein.
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