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CZRZ Catalog ID: CZ192
Genotype: pde6cihb74/+
Affected Gene: pde6c (eclipse, pde6 alpha prime, zgc:73085)
Genotyping: pdf
Genomic Feature Construct Lab of Origin Zygosity Parental Genotype
ihb74 Fish Developmental Biotechnology Lab heterozygous +/- X ♀+/+
Between 566 bp to 567 bp of the wild-type pde6c coding sequence, GGCAATAAACAATAAACAAACAATAAACAATAAACAATAAACAATAAACAA, is inserted. The mutated pde6c codes for a truncated protein containing 201 aa, 188 aa of which are identical to wildtype pde6c. Further MTA needed from the Fish Developmental Biotechnology Lab.
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